Clannad VN tutorial for mac users

If you have watched Clannad (anime) and Clannad AfterStory, you should know how awesome it is.

Then you will want to play the visual novel, which explains more stuff, especially Kotomi’s ruote.

By the way, if you don’t know what Clannad is, it is a slice of life anime by Key Productions.

It was such a pain to get Clannad on my Macbook, especially when I wanted to port it directly to the mac without the use of a Virtual Machine.

There are two ways which I discovered how to get Clannad FullVoice on my mac. The first, an easy way – use a virtual machine

What is a virtual machine? It is like a sort of emulator that allows to install other operating systems. This is especially useful for mac users since they cannot install Windows programs, and we all know that programs tend to be more windows friendly than mac-friendly. There are many virtual machines, like Parallels, VMware, etc. But I just stuck to the free and good VirtualBox. I might do a tutorial on VirtualMachines sometime later, but the point is, I just simply installed windows and got my clannad on it.

More importantly, this post deals with how to install Clannad (and probably other Key Production Visual Novels) on your mac directly.

The first thing I do when I want to install Windows application on my mac is to use Wineskin (Wine). WINE is a weird acronym that represents Wine Is Not an Emulator o.O yeah but it is still awesome. It can successfully port over some applications from windows, and when it succeeds, it is really good. I suggest getting WineSkin instead of Wine for beginners for a few good reasons:

  • Both should have the same working applications
  • When Wineskin works, it makes an application a standalone icon which you can put in launcher and your dock, which is really convenient
  • It saves the Terminal hassle that Wine requires
  • It is easy to install; it comes in a disk image file

And I’m a beginner, so you can probably guess which option I chose. But anyway, if you want to find out the process of installing Wine, google it. To get Wineskin just google it too and install.

Now go find some Wineskin tutorial, this focuses on Clannad.

Right, so now you can search around for wineskin tutorials and stuff.

I tried using Wineskin to install Clannad, but it does not work. Why? It’s because of RealLive. RealLive is the thingy Key uses for their Visual Novels, and apparently Wine can’t do much about it. After some spam search, I found something that could work. It’s RLVM. Real Live Virtual Machine apparently can help open these kinda files. Alright, great.

So what to do? First use Wineskin and install clannad inside a wrapper. Then show package contents, go to drive_c, program files and copy the Clannad gamefile out onto the desktop. You can delete the Wineskin wrapper after that. Now install RLVM, launch it and open to the Clannad folder. There you go, yay. Alternatively, you can install everything in your windows pc, then copy the clannad game files back to your mac. The point is, RLVM will only work on a folder that has the Visual Novel’s game files.

That’s all, I thought. Only when I test-run it then I found out something.

The VN gets stuck at the blue sky part, just before Tomoya sees Nagisa. After another round of search spam, I found a way to solve that.

1) – download full voice english translation (even if you have it already translated to english).
2) you have a folder of files. Copy the files in g00 into the g00 folder (replace), then replace the other files into the folder
3) try RLVM the folder again, it should work.

Finally, this managed to work!

Overview of links:







54 thoughts on “Clannad VN tutorial for mac users

  1. David Liu says:

    After patching the game with your patch, whenever I try to open Clannad in RLVM, it comes up with “Fatal error: Could not find the image file “mcur00″”


    Thanks so much for this tutorial though. 🙂

    • hmm… firstly, how did you patch it? You are supposed to add in the the files in the g00 patch and replace some of them, not replace the whole original g00 with the patch… from the looks of it you might have replaced the whole original g00 folder with the patch folder

      but if you didn’t do that, then i guess your version of clannad has missing files, then you have to re-download it

      • David Liu says:

        That was exactly it. I replaced the g00 files into the game folder without changing the entire folder instead, and it works like a charm. Thanks xenoquatz!! 😀

        By the way, if you’re interested: I got Clannad working on my iPhone 4 in HD, with English patching. Can’t remember how exactly, but just letting you know that it’s definitely possible because I was playing it for a while. If you’re interested in that piece of info. 🙂

      • Parker McCormick says:

        Hi, im trying everything youre doing but its still not opening. May I get some help with this? Do you have a skype or anything else I can use to call or have me screen share with you? I really miss my clannad ;-;

      • Ishan Deulkar says:

        What exactly so you mean by “replace some of them”…

        I tried going in and copy pasting all of them

        then it asks since there are duplicates should I replace them so what do I say there

        help would be much appreciated 🙂

    • I know this is an old post so sorry for commenting now >~< but i'm at the stage before tomoya meets nagisa and it has frozen, the link you provided for the patch doesn't work anymore and I can't find a patch anywhere ;( do you think you could put up a new link or do you know where I can download the patch?

      any help would be very useful!
      ((sorry again for commenting on an old blog ^^;)

  2. Leighton says:

    Hi xenoquatz. Thanks alot for this tutorial!

    However, i’m having one issue, which may or may not be unique to my mac. The problem is that, i’m not getting Tomoya’s dialogue very early on. I only see his speech towards Nagisa at the beginning. Soon later, when he’s talking to Sunohara, there’s multiple blank boxes without his name. I know there’s meant to be responses here, because in between are Sunohara’s responses. Can you solve this issue?

    Is it my copy of Clannad thats a problem? Do i have to install anything through terminal?


    • That is strange. If you followed the procedures of my tutorial, there should be no problems. There are a few things that might have been the problem:

      1) As you said, your copy of Clannad might be the problem. To fix this, download a copy of Clannad from a different source (be careful with torrents, many times torrents from different sources might lead to the same file)

      2) It could be that you have not patched/made a mistake while patching. Did you replace the original g00 file with the patch? You are supposed to add in the files from the new g00 patch. You could try the patching again

      3) It might be your mac that is causing the problem. My macbook is the 2011 one, it might be that the new retina macbks that are causing the problem. If that is so there is nothing you can do 😛 but if your mac is not the new release the don’t worry about this.

      other than that I’m not really a pro in the mechanics of mac and stuff, sorry XD

      • Leighton says:

        Thats ok! I’ll go through all your suggestions. Yeap, i’ll try other torrents. Hope it’s not my mac thats the problem 😦

        Thanks for your help. MUCH appreciated :)!

    • wuk0n says:

      Hey Leighton,

      I’m having the exact same problem…Tomoya’s dialogue is not showing in his interactions with Sunohara. Did you ever find a way to fix this? And if you didn’t, how long does it take for his text to show?

      Thanks a lot,

  3. Lovely says:

    Im Sorry but it says It no longer support Mac OS X 10.5.8 . Im sorry for causing you trouble but I dont know what to do . 😀

  4. OrangeBuddy says:

    Hey, much thanks for this guide; I’ve been looking for a way to finally get my Clannad VN working on my Intel Mac.

    A few questions though: Once I create my wineskin and open it, what do say to install after clicking the “Install Software” button? RealLive.Exe? Also, does the exe file have to be in the C: drive to install properly? Thanks.

    • erm no, actually you don’t even need wineskin. Right now if you have an installation file, then you will need to use wineskin to “install” to unpack the files in the installation files. From there, you have to copy the whole folder out to a separate folder so RealLive can run it. As for your questions: you select install from installation file, then choose your installation file for Clannad VN. Putting it in C: drive is always safe unless you know how it works.

      my answer ends there, but here is more information on how it works so u understand.
      The emulator basically forms a “mini windows os” (as the name suggests, it emulates, or copies, the system), and if you “show package contents” of the newly created wineskin you can see that the folders basically are the same ones you will see on a usual windows computer. however, only the default C: drive folder is present in the skin, so you can find the files inside the folder that is labelled as C drive.

      • OrangeBuddy says:

        Ah, I got it, thanks a ton. One more question though: when inputting the english patch, do I completely delete out the original G00 files and replace them with the patch G00 files, or do I add the patch G00 files to the original and only replace the ones with the same name?

      • Leighton says:

        @OrangeBuddy. You must ADD the G00 files you have in the patch to the G00 folder in the game directory. DO NOT REPLACE THE FOLDER!

    • OrangeBuddy says:

      Ugh, sorry to be a bother, but I’m starting to get the blue sky now. I double checked that I put in the right patch (and I added the g00 files from the patch to the g00 folder, replacing only those that had the same name, also making sure that I downloaded the correct version of the patch). Do you have any idea of what I can do?

  5. OrangeBuddy says:

    I replaced the “SEEN.txt” file with the “SEEN.txt” file that came in the patch file, and things seem to be working rather smoothly now! I likely just misunderstood your directions and replaced ONLY the g00 files. Anyway, thanks a lot, I’m really excited to finally get my new Clannad game working!

  6. Jason says:

    Could you slightly dumb down the instructions? From the comments Im confused as to what I actually will need.
    Also, where did you find your copy of Clannad FullVoice?

  7. Jason says:

    Is it possible that you could consolidate the instructions into a simpler style?
    I keep trying to get it to work but am not having much success :/

  8. Dave says:

    Hey, your link for the patch is down. I already have the game working with RLVM, but I have the blue sky freeze. Do you know where I could find the patch? Any other ways to get it to work?

  9. Parker McCormick says:

    Hi, im trying everything youre doing but its still not opening. May I get some help with this? Do you have a skype or anything else I can use to call or have me screen share with you? I really miss my clannad ;-;

  10. I think your link to the patch isn’t working. I can’t find a fix to the blue sky crash. A lot of the websites that have the patch that would fix the problem lead to a 404 website error. Please help!

  11. Ishan Deulkar says:

    So I accidentally replaced all of the G00 files and now I get that error

    Do I need to start all over again or can I fix it now?

  12. Leo says:

    I need some serious help with using wineskin, every time i try making a wrapper it ends up failing miserably, can anyone help me out with this step by step, I’d really appreciate it since I’ve been dying to play for awhile.

    • hmm… I do believe RLVM is the only option now other than of course, running bootcamp… I’ll probably do up a tutorial for bootcamp soon, coz this is something that I’ve gain considerable knowledge of in the past two weeks

      but to answer your question, just use RLVM, wineskin just isn’t worth the time if you are not a developer

  13. Alfredo says:

    Hi, I aded the G00 files of the patch to the G00 files of the Clannad folder, but I still get the sky freeze. What do I do?

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